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MC6470 eCompass & iGyro™ Overview

The MC6470 is an eCompass & iGyro™ that consists of a 3-axis linear accelerometer and a 3-axis magnetic field sensor, both with an I2C digital interface, in a single 2x2mm package. By combining a high-precision magnetic sensor with a low-noise single-chip MEMS accelerometer, the MC6470 enables industry-leading, tilt-compensated compass directional accuracy of one degree or less, with appropriate attention to magnetic system design. The MC6470 also incorporates the mCube eMotion™ software which eases integration of compass functionality into the end product.

The MC6470 is ideal for applications needing to take advantage of high-precision directional pointing include map orientation, virtual reality data overlay, enhanced navigation, and gyroscope replacement.

  • Mobile phones
  • Portable navigation devices
  • Fitness, wearable products

Tech Specs

Part #DescriptionAccelerationDigital Output # BitsSupply CurrentPackage / CasePackage (sqmm)
MC64706-Axis eCompass2,4,8,16 g14 bit110-730 uALGA-122x2
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Tech Specs

Part #DescriptionAccelerationDigital Output # BitsSupply CurrentPackage / CasePackage (sqmm)
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